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Fitness Focused Group Travel

R3cess Retreat group photo in Sedona

Break away from the grind.

Book a 3-day weekend that will MOVE you!

Discover the perfect blend of movement, adventure, and camaraderie.


Your trip itinerary is carefully curated so that you comfortably experience a weekend full of adventure.

We believe in the power of movement, travel, and the outdoors.  We've made it our mission to share that with you!

Travel with us in 2024

First Time As 

A Solo Traveler?

Booking with R3cess is a great way to experience your first trip as a solo traveler.  Because our hosts personally scout and hand pick each location and activity, you're able to enjoy yourself safely with your group of others just like you!

“Even though I didn’t know anybody else, everyone was excited to be participating in something new and wanted to help each other get the most out of the experience.” 

- Sedona 2024 Guest”

Jess from R3cess Retreat in Sedona AZ
Jess R3cess Retreat founder

“It really is all about movement - mental and physical. The coolest part of these retreats is seeing guests transform and tap into their power. I feel honored to share these experiences with them”

- Jessica Kay, Founder

Jess R3cess Retreat Founder

CPT, CNC, Founder at R3cess Retreats

Jess has worked as a fitness and nutrition coach for years helping hundreds of men and women break through barriers and enhance their lives through movement. And just like you, she's in love with travel and the outdoors. She's made it her mission to provide powerful retreat experiences for others by combining movement, the outdoors, and travel.  

Jessica Kayy

The Heart and Soul Behind R3cess Retreats

The Unbeatable Team

at R3cess Retreats

Your guarantee for positive vibes, unforgettable moments,

and unparalleled expertise.

Join us for an adventure you won’t forget!

Small Gym & Private Group Rates Available

R3cess offers customized retreat experiences tailored for small groups. Whether you’re a tight-knit gym seeking a wellness getaway or a dynamic corporation looking to reward your team with incentive travel, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. Embrace the power of personalized retreats designed to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. 

"Hiking was definitely my favorite, but what made the hiking great was the fantastic group that had been assembled for the retreat. Even though I didn't know most of the people, everyone was excited to be participating in something new, and everyone wanted to help each other get the most out of the experience. Ultimately it was a fantastic getaway from the normal routine, and upon my return, I feel so much more recharged and re-energized than I do from a typical vacation."

-Tori, Sedona Retreat

"Thank you for putting this together, Jess.

This is now considered one of the best gifts/trips I've given myself.

Thank you."

- Mike, Hawaii Retreat

Thank you so much, Jess!!

I can't get over how much fun I had, the overall experience was truly amazing!!

I want to go back already!!

- Lauren, Sedona Retreat

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