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Introducing the heart and soul behind R3cess Retreats – One incredible team of passionate hosts. Together, they are more than just a team, they are friends who have become family and share a profound love for hiking, the great outdoors, and the transformative power of movement.


Jessica Kayy, the visionary behind it all, is the driving force that empowers your retreat experiences. Joining her are our five like-minded hosts, each bringing their own unique spark to our retreats. From seasoned adventurers to wellness enthusiasts, they all share a deep connection developed through years of friendship and shared experiences.


With their infectious energy, genuine warmth, and unwavering dedication, our team ensures that every moment with us is filled with positive vibes, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other with a team that's guaranteed to uplift your spirits, ignite your passions, and leave you with a smile that lasts a lifetime. Welcome to the R3cess family!


Jessica Kayy

For years, Jess has dedicated herself to the art of fitness and nutrition coaching, guiding hundreds of individuals towards breakthroughs and transformations through the power of movement. Driven by her mission, Jess blends her expertise in movement with her love for adventure and nature. Her commitment lies in crafting and sharing these experiences with others by combining movement, the outdoors, and travel resulting in the creation of R3cess Retreats.

Host, On-Site Photographer

Caitie Gallet

Caitie is a passionate photographer and videographer, known for her adventurous spirit and dedication to capturing unforgettable moments.  As the creative force behind SnapBack Films, she specializes in documenting the transformative experiences of R3cess Retreats travel.  With a 50lb camera, Caitie hikes through rugged landscapes, ensuring no moment is left uncaptured.  Her work not only preserves memories but also fosters deep connections among retreat guests.  Caitie is committed to her craft and love for adventure alongside the rest of the powerful R3cess team.  No matter the destination, that SnapBack cap is never far from reach as she embarks on her journeys behind the lens.


Tania Rivera

Tania, a firm believer in the power of the magic of movement,  mindful eating and outdoor adventures. By day, she's a rockstar nutrition and fitness coach, empowering people to find freedom and joy in their relationship with food and build their best bodies. On her off time, she transforms into a fun-loving, adventure-seeking mountain mama. With a deep love for wide-open vistas and challenging climbs, she's happiest with her boots laced and a backpack full of tunes & snacks (because what's a hike without an awesome soundtrack?)


Steph Greco

Steph is an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast whose passion for the mountains is as real as it gets. She thrives on pushing past her comfort zone and always has an eye out for the next challenging trail to conquer. Steph balances her love for movement and the outdoors with a profession in the digital world. She confesses, after too much time behind the computer she has actually heard the mountains calling… and yes, if that happens you do have to go. 


Allie Skoly

Meet Allie! Your fearless host and retired D1-level gymnast, Allie demonstrates balance between work and play just as well as she balances on the beam.  A consultant by day, she loves to travel as a way to escape the corporate grind, in true R3cess fashion.  With a background in group coaching and a passion for fitness, Allie is all about pushing limits and motivating you to conquer your inner fears.  Whether we're hiking to new heights or just having a good time, Allie's upbeat energy and sense of adventure will make every moment unforgettable.  Get ready to break a sweat and break through barriers with Allie by your side!


Vanessa Chang

Firefighter by day and R3cess Host & Coach by night, Vanessa understands the importance of making time for yourself to enjoy life and keep active.  Vanessa is gifted in tying together the community and providing uplifting environments for her students and retreat guests to grow themselves from within.  She creates a magic in her coaching so powerful you can feel it the minute you begin your outdoor workout.  Her playful spirit and zest for life inspires everyone around her to smile.

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