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Embark on some of the country's most challenging trails.

Our most popular destination - The Red Rocks!

Oct 10 - 14, 2024







4 / 5


Retreat Features

  • Hikes: Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon Trail, Subway Cave 

  • Outdoor yoga at Airport Mesa 

  • HIIT workouts 

  • Off road jeep tour 

  • Daily Breakfast included

  • Welcome and farewell dinner included 

  • Luxury villa accommodations 

  • Transportation

  • Beautiful scenery and epic views of the Red Rocks! 

  • Mindfulness and connection in Sedona’s natural vortex 


  • Pre-trip communication

  • Travel guides and packing lists

  • Retreat group chat and guest intros

  • Retreat swag

  • 3 host leaders to guide the way!

Hiking Trail Terrain: Dirt and slick rock

Trail Difficulty: Moderate - Difficult

Accommodations: Luxury Villa

Need to Knows

This Trip Is For You If...

You like thrilling hikes

You want to connect with yourself on a deeper level

You appreciate spirituality

You like a 'cozy' vibe

Picture yourself surrounded by towering red rock formations, where every step on the trail is a stride closer to your personal empowerment.


The guided hikes on this retreat will lead you to hidden gems, panoramic views that seem unreal, and sacred sites, providing not just a physical challenge but a spiritual connection to the awe-inspiring surroundings. 

But the adventure doesn't end there; embark on a rugged Jeep off-road tour to explore the rough terrain from a whole new perspective. A total rush of excitement!

This particular retreat has a track record of sending guests home feeling as if they've unlocked something special within themselves. Many of our guests have gone on to explore other adventures on their own as if their retreat experience with us in Sedona was the catalyst. Maybe it's because Sedona is notoriously known to be an extremely spiritual place, or maybe it's because the trails included in your Sedona itinerary are so gnarly that they'll have you begging for more. Whatever the case - we're here for it!

What Makes This Retreat Special?

R3cess Retreat in sedona AZ
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Are you ready?

We are so excited to explore with you.