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R3cess Retreats Founder, Jessica Kayy, has worked as a fitness and nutrition coach for years helping hundreds of men and women break through barriers and enhance their lives through movement. And just like you, she's in love with travel and the outdoors.


She began hosting these fitness-focused retreats with the intent to promote exercise, but what ended up happening organically was more than she could have ever anticipated.  


By bringing like-minded people together to create new friendships, push through physical & mental barriers, and experience some of the world’s most beautiful places, Jess ended up moving guests in more ways than just one. Through experiences in nature and deep connections, guests find themselves transformed physically, mentally, and emotionally. She now dedicates her life to facilitating these retreats for folks from all over the world with hopes each will leave stronger than they arrived.

Our mission at R3cess Retreats is to provide empowering experiences that move you through physical activity, the outdoors, and travel. We hope you join us soon.

You Were Made To Move.

team at r3cess retreats
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