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What Sets Us Apart

At R3cess Retreats, we take pride in providing a unique experience that combines fitness, relaxation, and adventure. Our founder, Jess, caters to the needs of all fitness levels who are looking for a memorable and fulfilling experience. We believe that our retreats are more than just a vacation; they represent an opportunity for self-improvement and personal growth. Come join us to break the cycle of mundane routines and explore new horizons.

What to Expect:

1. Book your retreat!
2. Your host will contact you to gather additional information. This will help us create the best experience possible for you including dietary restrictions, allergies, emergency contact info, etc. We will also send you recommended packing lists, your retreat itinerary, and trail information. From here if you have additional questions, you can communicate with your host to confirm all the details. 

3. Book your flight. Your host is happy to assist. 

4. Arrive at the retreat location and we'll take it from there!


  • No. Although some hikes are considered to be at a 'difficult' level, there is no time limit on getting to the top and guests are encouraged to trek it together as a team. All fitness classes and yoga sessions are designed for guests of all fitness levels.

  • No. Although you're encouraged to participate in what's planned in your itinerary for the full experience, we want to be sure you take away from your trip what you need to and experience it how you please. Returns will not be given for any missed activities.

  • All guests will stay together in a luxury villa for a traditional, bunk-retreat-style stay. Men and women will be arranged to sleep separately.

  • Because most of our guests go on to extend their stay or arrive earlier than the start date, flights are not included in cost and you will be responsible for booking your own.

  • All meals will be provided to you both on site at the villa and our at your destination's most popular local restaurants.

  • Yes, we highly recommend you purchase your own travel insurance should you get ill, or run into complications while on your R3cess.

  • Please refer to our cancellation policy on the Terms and Conditions page.

A refund of 50% of all sums paid toward the retreat will be granted for any cancellations made by guests on or before 3 months (90 days) prior to the first day of the booked retreat.  No refund will be granted for any cancellations made by guests after that point.

Jessica Palmisano and r3cess Retreats have the right to cancel any retreat at any time, for any reason, as determined at our sole discretion, including too few participants, or if the quality of the retreat or safety of the guests is deemed by r3cess Retreats to be compromised.  In this case, refund of payments received from trip reservations shall constitute full and final settlement and release of all claims against r3cess Retreats.  In the event of cancellation, r3cess Retreats is not responsible for any loss incurred on account of nonrefundable or non-transferrable air tickets or other unrecoverable travel expenses.

R3cess Retreats reserves the right to postpone any trip at any time, for any reason, as determined by our sole discretion, including global and local health situations, or if the quality of the retreat or safety of the guests is deemed by r3cess Retreats to be compromised.  In such a case, r3cess Retreats reserves the right to withhold all sums paid and issue a travel credit to be used by the traveler toward a destination of their choosing up to 1 year from the trip start date of the postponed retreat.  

Disclaimers, Returns & More

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